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Welcome to our TeamSuccess Group!

We invite ALL individuals of varying age groups and professional backgrounds to join our group. Our members place a major focus on creating A) **FUN-FILLED** team building, B) college student mentoring and internships, C) community heath & fitness support, D) hosting professional networking and public speaking events, E) addressing common networking fears and obstacles, F) and promoting career advancement of minorities, women, teachers, union workers, and youth professionals in the areas of:

Community Building/Outreach Support, Networking, Career, Health and Fitness Support, Entrepreneurship, Leveraging Cutting Edge Mobile Apps, Joint Events Marketing & Promotion Opportunities, Social Media Engagement, and Event Management.

We also seek to form partnerships with local faith/community groups, health care organizations, beauty & fitness providers, small business owners, corporate sponsors, and community leaders.

What makes us different than your average networking organization is: Our willingness to place GREAT emphasis on: 1) charity awareness, 2) career development, 3) fitness support, and 4) fun-filled group activities for not just our Meetup members but also for local community members.

The following are some of the activities that our group members may host:

Free Community Fitness Support, (All-ages) Co-ed Volleyball - Celebrity / Amateur / Paid Hybrid Leagues, Creative Ideas Forums, Live Performances, Karaoke Fun Challenges, Fun Fitness Check-ins, Breast Cancer Awareness Events, Bake-Offs, Charity Auctions/Fundraisers, “Clean Comedy” Performances, Ice Breakers, Friends & Family eGames Events, and various other fun-filled team building activities in the Western Suburbs, Chicago, and South Suburbs!

Our primary goals for 2015-16 is to work with both our members and local community members to offer monthly: Rep Your Charity - Let’s Move & Red Nose: Fun Challenges, Fun eDance Fitness, and (All-ages/Community Unity) Comedy Jam Events! We also seek to better understand all forms of social media in order to leverage this life-changing media for rapid career growth, limitless networking, and enhanced personal development! As always, we strongly desire to work with likeminded meetup group members, young leaders, college students, and local community organizations.

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