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Power Parenting with Dr. Beth - MARTINEZ, CA
If you have a child, inherited a child, plan on having children, going through the various phases of a child's development from zero to eighteen or have friends and family who experience the joys and dilemma's of child raising and you or someone you know is tired of having your social image tarnished at the Walmart with a defiant outburst, feel like you are in control of every aspect of your life but can't seem to get your child to cooperate. Or your afraid that you might look foolish because you may not be parenting at a certain level of society expectation or worse worry that you may loose acceptance as the cool parent not allowed to participate with your child because they feel embarrassed by you or worse you fear that they may squeeze you out of their life when they become adults....then…I have some great news. Today Is The Day To Make Your Parenting Skills Breakthrough And Become A Childs Hero! UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD'S BEHAVIOR WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Children. Teens. Adults. Everyone wants to feel understood, respected, valued for who they are and not how others expect them to be. Feeling repressed by expectations and demands without having your own say opens the door to "acting out" in defiant ways. Embracing Defiance: Helping Your Child Express Their Unique Voice while Keeping Your Sanity helps parents understand the benefits of defiant behavior, because discovering and expressing one's 'unique voice' is crucial for healthy psychological and emotional development. In Embracing Defiance, you will learn how to: • Give your child confidence to handle any situation, including peer-pressure • Read your child's subtle behavior clues • Become less reactive to your child's extreme levels of drama by understanding your own triggers • Gain communication tools that will help you listen so your child feels heard • Create a safe environment and build trust between you and your child • Give your child permission to feel any emotion that arises, and express them authentically • Have greater clarity, increased confidence, and an alternative perspective to your current parenting style. Help your child find their authentic, unique voice through compassion, love, and playfulness so they don't "act out"! Power Parenting SPECIAL GET STARTED for as little as $75.00 (Monthly) - Only $49 First Time Click to Register Here (

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This is a Local Power Parenting group lead by Best Selling Author Dr. Beth Halbert Named “America's Teenologist©" by Moms The Word Radio Show. This group is about creating stronger parent-teen bonds to improve communications and gives advice to volumes of Parents and Individuals seeking stress free parenting. This group was started to bring parents together on a monthly basis to study the FREE Ebook Embracing Defiance and also provide peer support on how to bridge the parent teen gap and create a compassionate village where parents can feel safe exploring their parenting fears and challenges. We get together as a group and have planned family parenting adventures. Join us ...because understanding your child's behavior will change you and your child's life! P.S you can download the book we cover in this parenting group at Dr BethGet My Best Selling Book Embracing Defiance For FREE!

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