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Ever wonder what owning a business is like? Have an idea you think people will buy? Ambitious to run after your dreams? What if funding to start your business is available?

We are seeking 300 people in Slavic Village/Broadway Neighborhood to come talk about what the 30,000 people who live here and the service and products they want to buy. ! Since the main hiway is closing, our neighbors will want to be able to shop easily. Convert the neighborhood into a Community again! Have them shop from you and your business.

Enrollment is June of 2019
Business Training is July Through September weekly, covering: Market Survey, Business Plan, Banking & Financial Literacy, Vendor relations, Customer Service, Community and Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, Taxes and Insurance.
Business Launch is September 2019!

Build a team of Thirty supporters, along with the referrals they will provide your business. The neighborhood buzz will be excellent support.

There will be several times and locations; check back frequently. Invite friends. Help people unfamiliar with the internet to log in.

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