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Welcome to the Bristol UK PowerApps User Group. We are starting regular meetings!
Our meetings will be 90 minutes and broken down into four parts:

Part 1: Problem round ~ Does anyone our little group have a technical problem that they'd like to show and get help on. Could be anything, even a non-technical problem like you need a job, or a problem with a DAX formula, or Flow isn't working quite right. Whatever it is, come here to get help on it. Let's learn together!

Part 2: Tech Talk: Someone in our group will come prepared to give a 20 - 45 minute training on a cool topic.

Part 3: Show me something cool: Members can come prepared to show off a dashboard, a PowerApp, a cool DAX formula, a custom connector, their favorite podcast, or just anything they found on the Internet that they want to share with other user group members.

Part 4: Plan the next meeting. This is where we choose who will speak next month and their topic.
That's it! Just a quick, informal meeting where we make friends and help each other out.

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