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What we’re about

PowerLabs is a community-oriented series of educational and training sessions on the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Copilot AI. Its purpose is to upskill participants on these technologies, enabling innovation and increasing employability.  

We work to address the digital skills talent gap: "Surging demand for digital skills is pushing Australia towards a critical shortage of over 370,000 digital expert and digitally enabled workers by 2026." (

By enabling no-code/low-code innovation in organisations and democratising the technologies, we can prepare Australia for the technological AI-powered future.

To participate, you need to be 16 years old or older and have a laptop and basic computer skills like working with Windows and Office.

About organizers
Our names are Olena and Andrew, and we are a couple of seasoned technology professionals trading as Technomancy company. We are passionate about empowering people through technology and learning. With this meetup, we want to share bits of this knowledge and experience to inspire YOU to start something great.

The event is supported by Microsoft Reactor and sponsored by Technomancy company.

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