What we're about

Technology from scratch. Starting things is often scary for no particular reason. It's not clear where and how to begin with something you have never done before. Especially in the technology field where things change so quickly.

We call it "How to start anything from scratch?". Come and join the group to start something new!

Get hands on experience with new technologies. Discover new possibilities and rethink your opportunities. Mix a nerdy stuff with an entertainment to discover different sides of your personality.

Although we mainly focus on Microsoft technologies, we include topics from different areas to make it fun for you and for us.

About organizers

Our names are Olena and Andrew and we are a couple of seasoned technology professionals (and a happily married couple too!) who are passionate about empowering people through technology and learning. Together we have experience in all sorts of tech, software and some hardware, business apps and entertainment, in Australia and overseas, as doers and leaders. With this meetup, we really want to share bits of this knowledge and experience to inspire YOU to start something great. Looking forward to it!

Past events (7)

Lab #7: "Spy Story" - escape room with Power Automate

Microsoft Reactor City

Lab #6: Create a Christmas PowerApps game in 1 hour

Microsoft Reactor City