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Empowered Women, Empowering Women to achieve Financial and Emotional Independence.

POWERFUL WOMEN TODAY GLOBAL LEADERSHIP is building a coalition of emerging women leaders around the globe. Our impact helps the emerging force of women founders and leaders. Together we can help shape future generations of women as economic leaders.

IMAGINE a world where women are empowered to defy limits, transform futures, and ignite change! We are a community of women on a relentless mission to awaken the leader and economic power within us. Together, we are mentoring, educating and training women around the globe to become the successful business leaders we were born to be. We are Stronger Together.

POWERFUL WOMEN TODAY champions Women's Emotional and Financial Independence, launching regional accelerators to maximize success as part of PWT's proven Accelerate & Succeed program.

We Believe by building a coalition of high impact women leaders around the globe, our collective power helps eliminate the income gap. This is the catalyst needed to end the wealth gap for women.

Do you want to take action not just talk about growth? Join Powerful Women Today for mentorship, strategy, marketing, promotion and grow your business with industry experts and fiery successful business owners.

A group like no other.

http://www.powerfulwomentoday.com (http://www.powerfulwomentoday.com/)

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Goal Setting for Veteran Life

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