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JOIN TODAY and learn the 5 essential steps to accomplishing anything with ease and style…NO MATTER WHAT!!

Become the Fulfilled, Powerful, and Abundant Woman you know you are by joining me in a 13-week journey that will completely transform how you experience business, relationships, and your power in life.


Business, life, time effin’ management and staying on track! Is your head spinning with all your day’s tasks that even your health and fitness has fallen to the wayside?

Find out HOW to create a structure to play in to get everything done with ease!


If you’re at all feeling unfilled and not experiencing the healthy bonds you want with others, RSVP and learn HOW to feel so comfortable within yourself that everything is just pure simplicity!


Be courageous and discover what personal mastery really means. Learn to express yourself without blabber. Power through your fear and limiting beliefs by letting go of the old and creating new empowering beliefs, while being fully supported by someone who truly understands.


Energetically attract the right people to you and watch your business grow! Having trouble with “how to promote yourself online” or maybe you need a savvy “tech guy” to do what you’re unsure of, well, put the unknown aside, and learn how to manifest your desires. Become energetically influential and bring every tool you need right to your door!



1. Experience and Practice Unconditional Presence

2. Find Freedom in Structure

3. Master Personal Energy

4. Exude Natural Inner Radiance

5. Become Energetically Influential

Join me, Tara Sunglow, Master of Woman’s Empowerment, as we break down each of the steps week-by-week creating the platform you need to accomplish any project or goal with ease and style.

Does this sound like you?

· Sometimes energetically drained by those closest to you

· Not having enough energy to accomplish what you need, or want to do

· Really dislike not feeling your best

Is this what you really want?

· Quality downtime

· To feel impenetrable regardless of who you are around

· To be fully aligned with yourself, and your purpose

If it does, you are in the right place. This is an unconditional environment where you are safe to be heard. You can speak your truth, tell your stories, process your life, and transform.

Enjoy a space to re-calibrate, re-energize, unwind, and release what isn’t yours, so you may serve others at your highest levels of influence.

In humble gratitude and service,

Tara Sunglow, Master of Women’s Empowerment, Coach and Healer

To get started, please enjoy UNCONDITIONAL PRESENCE with this custom 3-MINUTE meditation made just for you. Relax, get into your body, and begin to calibrate to your inner truth of fulfillment, power and abundance.


About the Host:

Described best as a source of light and strength, Tara Sunglow embodies innate feminine wisdom and serves as a powerful stand for woman to be Energetically Influential. A skilled somatic healer and professionally trained women’s empowerment coach, she is heralded as “The Coach of Women Leaders”. Her uncanny abilities provide the busy women of today a space in which to re-energize, replenish, and live in their power. Tara gives women a solid and functional gateway to personal freedom through her trademarked program, “Influence through Natural Radiance™."

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