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This is a group for the practice of Christian contemplative meditation, also known as silent or noetic prayer.

Those who practice or who want to learn Centering Prayer (https://www.contemplativeoutreach.org/category/category/centering-prayer), Christian Meditation (https://wccm.org/)
or other forms of contemplative prayer are welcome.

There are no denominational requirements or restrictions. Open and welcoming. Practitioners are encouraged to attend church and have the support of their pastor, priest or spiritual director.

Prayer will last approximately 20 minutes. Then there will be time for a short discussion.

Nothing else is taught at this group other than the very fundamentals of the prayer.

Go to this link for a PDF download (https://www.contemplativeoutreach.org/sites/default/files/private/center_prayer_method_2017-01_0.pdf) on the basics of Centering Prayer.

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Contemplative Meditation (in the Christian Tradition)

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6:15 pm- arrive early if you need a quick orientation 6:30 pm- doors will be closed 7:00 pm - Round of sharing This is a home-based group. Please come in and take shoes off. We'll greet you as you come in and proceed into the living room. We'll do a round of introductions and we'll give a brief presentation on the history and technique of centering prayer and noetic prayer in general. Others who are familiar with the technique should arrive no later than 6:25 to settle in and quiet themselves down. We'll say a short prayer and then begin. We'll sit in silence for 20 minutes and then people can share their experience or ask questions. Then all will be dismissed. Go to this link for a PDF download on the basics of Centering Prayer. https://www.contemplativeoutreach.org/sites/default/files/private/center_prayer_method_2017-01_0.pdf See the group page for more details

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