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Hands On Training - Graph Database with Neo4j

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In the last few years, NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases have emerged as an effective storage mechanism for both structured and unstructured data. Graph Database is a form of NoSQL store and is primarily used for storage and retrieval of connected data elements, like a network topology, social media networks, fraud patterns etc. In this meetup, we will explore the concepts of a graph database, and do some hands on exercise on Neo4j, a popular open source graph database.

You can learn more about Neo4j at


- Overview of Graph Databases

- Understanding Neo4j Graph Database and Cypher Query Language

- Third party Tools for Neo4j

- Graph application example - Email Analytics

- Hands on with Neo4j

To enhance your learning, please bring your laptops with the following software installed:

Neo4j Community Edition -


Nishant M Gandhi, Member Technical Staff

Serendio Software Pvt Ltd.

This talk will be streamed live at:

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Bonus: You can download a free copy of the book on Graph Databases from: