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An Introduction to Practical Philosophy Good Company – Inspiring Conversation – Practical Tools for Self Mastery The First Ten Week Course is Free - Registration Fee: $10 THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF WISDOM “An unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates Are you living your best life? Is there more to your life than balancing the challenges of work and relationships? Have you the space and time just to be, unpressured and at ease? What is the true purpose of your life? What holds you back? What sets you free? Do you deal calmly with life’s ups and downs? Can you overcome negative thoughts and feelings? There is a place where like minded individuals meet each week to consider such questions guided by a systematic course of study, based on the philosophical teachings of both East and West. Practical tools are offered to apply to the challenges of daily life. You develop self-mastery, attention sharpens, awareness grows and happiness increases.

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