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New Acropolis is an educational charity working in the fields of philosophy, culture and volunteering. Its aim is to revive the practical and timeless aspect of philosophy as a means of individual and collective renewal and transformation. Philosophy, in its original meaning is the love of wisdom and the quest to understand the underlying principles of life. In this sense, we are all philosophers, we all have questions and we all have the intuition that there are answers to be found. Get inspired by the great philosophical ideas that have stood the test of time. Every civilization has passed on to us its knowledge and experience of the essential laws of life. A systematic and comparative study of this vast heritage enables us to discover the universal and timeless wisdom that has formed characters, shaped visions of the future and enabled men and women to meet the challenges of their time. Philosophy as a way of life is an education for head, heart and hands. It develops both the higher human potential as well as the practical skills needed to meet the challenges of today and to create a better society for the next generation.

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