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Are you a spiritual person who loves exploring your greater self? Join us with some fun and growth-oriented activities at CSLDallas. We are a dynamic spiritual community dedicated to teaching and practicing a powerful spirituality that inspires us to live our dreams. We provide a great place for “the rest of us” who are looking to connect with God/Higher Power/Universal Presence, but don’t really fit in with any one religion. Though we celebrate age-old spiritual traditions from around the world, our message and delivery are modern and down to Earth. Discover who you really are!

We believe every one is an authentic, unique, perfect expression of the Divine. We invite you to experience the amazing possibilities of living a life in spiritual awareness as you consciously engage in the rich complexities of the world.

Upcoming events (5+)

Wednesday Night Meditation and Metaphysics

CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living

FREE | FREE Childcare Meet other spiritual seekers by coming to our Wednesday Nights at CSLDallas. It is one of our most popular nights and is growing rapidly. Manifestation and Mysticism– two sides of the spiritual coin. Let us practice together while diving more deeply into universal principles and spiritual living. Every evening starts with 30 minutes of meditation moving into the heart of Oneness and Light. With Dr. Petra as the guide, use the Science of Mind, and other teachings, as a springboard for deeper discussions and creating demonstrations in your life.

InPowered Living Group - Harness The Power of Your Emotions

CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living

Harness the power of your emotions; be less triggered by others "You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them" 'How Emotions Are Made' by Lisa Feldman Barrett How the meaning of your emotions can be modified before they take hold and hijack your thoughts and feelings and you take regretful action. Are your emotions: - Providing higher guidance or unhealthy distortion? - Enhancing or hurting you and making a situation worse? Better ways of communicating your needs so other people will listen and understand and be more likely to respond in positive ways. "It's not so much what you do, it's why you do it, that is truly transformational within your relationships" RB How to find us: Follow the InPowred Living Meetup signs down the breezeway past the outside stairway entering the classroom area from the double glass doors on the left. We meet in the first/large classroom on the left. The Dallas Law of Attraction InPowered Living Meetup at CSLDallas https://www.meetup.com/Dallas-Law-of-Attraction/ We meet every Friday night at 7-9pm. The topic is posted here by the prior Sunday night. The Dallas Center for Spiritual Living can be hard to find as it has a Spring Valley address but is located off of International Parkway. 4801 Spring Valley Rd Suite 113, Dallas, TX 75244 Our meeting room in the new CSL expansion Suite 113 to the right of the main sanctuary and down the breezeway to CSLDallas classrooms. Follow the InPowered Living Meetup signs. The group is open to all and there is no cost or required pre-studying needed before attending any class. People are free to attend as their schedule permits. Although the class formally ends at nine, people are free to hang out and visit with each other. Each week we focus on some aspect of living life more empowered by: • Enhancing the connection to Your Source of Authentic Power • Transcending self-limiting beliefs and habits • Utilizing the Law of Attraction more effectively • Living life from a place of compassion, joy, & inspiration • Having a more positive effect on the people you interact with Utilizing complementary content from a range of authors including current experts in the fields of: psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, and metaphysics including Abraham-Hicks and others. Along with original material developed by Rob Brite during his many years of studying, teaching and coaching within the fields of marketing, relationships, personal development, and self-empowerment.

Sunday Morning Meditation and Inspiration

CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living

Start your Sunday's with peaceful meditation. Childcare is provided and it is FREE to attend. Start your week off right with this blissful group meditation. We are located in the Szal's meditation chapel inside of CSLDallas, once you arrive, please use the map indicator located in the front of the building as you walk up from the parking lot. We typically will have greeters who can show you the way. We also have many other activities going on during Sunday so make sure you stick around to take a FREE Science of Mind Class with Dr. Petra. Or you can come and enjoy our Sunday Celebration which includes inspiring messages and uplifting music. So come spend your Sunday Morning's with other Spiritual Seekers just like yourself.

Science of Mind Textbook Class - FREE

CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living

FREE | FREE Childcare What is the Science of Mind? Some may call it a blend of Ancient Wisdom mixed with the evidence of Science. Metaphysics and New thought to come from a rich history of philosophers, and mystics all alike. In this particular class, we will be highlighting the Ernest Holmes classic book "The Science of Mind". Join us each week as Dr. Petra walks you through the philosophy and understanding of this textbook. Learn how life abides by certain universal principles and how you can harness this power to work and transform your life. This is a deep and fascinating conversational format that fosters spiritual growth and understanding.

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