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As we are near the end of our journey through the Major Arcana, we realize we have covered a lot of ground. The Fool now has experience, and with experience comes a past. The Judgment card is the necessary step before the complete fulfillment we find in The World. Before we can arrive at our final destination, we have to summon the past and examine and perhaps allow ourselves to let go of those things that are no longer useful and serve a purpose for our next step of the journey. Join us as we examine the card that allows us to finally face the things that are holding us back from the final step on the Fool's journey. Class donation $10.

East Las Vegas Community Center

250 North Eastern Avenue at Stewart · Las Vegas, NV

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    Practical Tarot is an in-depth series of classes in Tarot reading that focus each week on a different card of the Major Arcana. The classes are designed to help you get the most out of a pack of Tarot cards, with an emphasis on learning how the Tarot works in everyday life and how it can be applied in real life settings. Practical Tarot classes will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to practice your Tarot reading skills on others in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Each class will break down a particular card, so that readers will gain a clear understanding of the meaning of that card in relation to the world around them. The symbolism, influence of the basic elements and astrological meaning of each card will also be discussed. Both newcomers to the Tarot and advanced readers will benefit from this fun, practical and informative series of classes—all that’s required is that you bring along a deck of Tarot cards.

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