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Most of us have dreams we want to realize or discover. We seek a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and a lasting inner peace that can't be shaken just because life is, well, life! We are fellow self-development enthusiasts exploring action-oriented approaches to breaking through ruts, unproductive habits, and other roadblocks to achieving goals, creating momentum, and manifesting more awesomeness in our lives. 

This is not about perfectionism. It is about being in love with the life we have while taking responsibility, where we can, for making it even better and enjoying life more fully. We don't change our lives by changing others or by sitting back and complaining about it. We change it by actively embracing our role as the director of our life story (while still leaving room for the beautiful mysteries of Life to work through us!).

Our small meetings will be a time to try out then discuss our experiences with a specific practice or exercise, sharing what worked or didn't. Exercises may be derived from a fairly eclectic mix of books or other sources including contemporary science, modern psychology, NLP, NVC, life coaching, professional development, and philosophical or spiritual works. Regardless of the source of any practice or exercise offered (by myself or others), they will always be neutral in that they will not require any particular spiritual, religious, psychological, philosophical or scientific viewpoints in order to apply them.

We aren’t trying to fix each other or ourselves; rather, we are looking for ways to honor and maximize our human potential by trying out practical techniques for self-development and moving in the direction of our dreams, the highest version of self-expression, and greater overall well-being.

Some meetings are held online using Zoom and others will be in person meetings typically held on the west side of Vancouver (WA, USA) at a public venue that serves food.


  • For private home meetups, Members must have a clear profile photo. 
  • Zoom meetups require participants to have camera on, face visible.
  • I request no recording be made of any meetup for the comfort and privacy of all members.
  • These meetings are NOT facilitated by experts. We are simply a group of people who are passionate about self-development and seek thoughtful, respectful discussion about what it means to be the director of our lives. No one is performing legal or medical services at these events and you should therefore seek appropriate outside counsel if any of your goals require professional advice (such as starting a new exercise routine or diet).
  • This is meant to be a nonjudgmental environment – everyone is at a different level of self-development. All ideas and opinions are welcome as our goal isn’t to agree on every viewpoint but to be open to expanding our perceptions in ways that deepen our experience of living to our fullest potential.
  • We are always respectful of each other. We keep stories appropriate and as brief as possible to allow time for everyone to participate in discussion. It's not a forum to push political views on others. Likewise, this isn't group therapy. 
  • Self-improvement exercises may push us outside of our comfort zone as it often requires that we take an honest look at ourselves -- for some, it can be life-changing and uncomfortable. This cannot be facilitated nor controlled by the organizer or any group member. By joining this Meetup, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for knowing if/when it is best to seek professional help to deal with psychological, emotional, mental health, addiction, or any issues that are preventing optimum well-being in your life.

It is with gratitude that I walk this path and look forward to meeting those who are meant to show up in my life!

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The Fiction of 'Self' (ONLINE Discussion)

Link visible for attendees

Hello friends! This discussion will be held online and therefore Attendees are required to have their web cams on and face visible during the Meetup. Thank you!


There are many names that could be used for the true nature of reality: Suchness, Conscious Awareness, The Absolute, The Infinite, The Ground of Being, True Mind, Oneness, All-That-Is, What Is, The Universe, Source, God or The Divine. Regardless what you call it, reality-nature has been described as non-dual, empty of any actual individual self or entity that exists. Tasting this truth, we begin to have freedom from what Adyashanti called 'the fiction of the self' or what Wei Wu Wei referred to as 'the dungeon of individuality.' It's said that suffering (including the most subtle discontent, dissatisfaction and disappointment) is entirely due to this delusion of having/being a self.

This discussion. This will be a general discussion of helpful practices, teachings, and other tools of the path to insight that help us break through the veil of 'self' delusion. For a few optional conversation starters (not that we ever need any!), I invite attendees to check out a video or two from the list below:

Who Might Join: Though it's not necessary to have read any particular book to participate, the discussion is best suited for those who have directly experienced non-dual awareness or have a strong intellectual understanding of, and interest in, the path. We aren't experts or teachers and are respectful of varying perspectives.

Looking forward to seeing "you" soon for another illuminating chat!

May you know inexhaustible peace and joy,

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Non-Duality Chat: The Midnight Gospel - "Annihilation of Joy"

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