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The Dalai Lama has suggested, “don’t use what you learn from Buddhism to be a better Buddhist; use it to be a better you.”

There are many groups that focus on the underlying concepts of Buddhism and others who offer guided meditation. Both types are important and useful. This group is different. Through readings and discussions, we will focus on the practical applications of Buddhist teachings to everyday life.

We will meet monthly to discuss important books and systems of thought relating to the application of Zen principles to everyday life. Our focus will be on areas of personal growth and deepening self-understanding. Group membership will be limited, and regular attendance required to build a community of members who will get to know each other and share their journeys. We will operate under the following guidelines:

- Zero-sum conversations are fine for social media platforms, but collaborative discussions are the aim of this group. We all learn more when we listen and build a common understanding. Be respectful, considerate and engaged.
- Every one of us is human and, being human, occasionally make less than intelligent comments. Let’s be understanding towards all our occasional idiocies. They really don’t matter much when weighed against a deepening understanding of complex issues.
- We do not accept members hiding behind an avatar - only real people please.
- Do the reading. There are far too many “I’ll just show up and wing it” conversations in our lives. Honor the other members and the group’s objective by doing your homework.
- In the run up to each session, I’m going to start one or more discussions around key concepts. Take time to add your thoughts and read those of others. A little bit of fertilizer enriches the soil and promises a more abundant crop.
- Don’t hesitate to start discussions on concepts that you find particularly interesting in the reading we are doing. They will add to the richness of our discussions during the meetings.
- And finally, be an active member of the group and attend the meetings. It’s your way of making a contribution to our discussions and learning from others. The threshold for continued membership is attending at least 50% of the meetings.

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