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YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN THE TORONTO AREA TO JOIN! IS IT WORTH THE DRIVE? You can SAFELY MESSAGE a Member On-Line ON THIS WEBSITE..or use Skype and you may be living far away!! My goal is for this site to go Nationwide across Canada , the U.S. The World ....

Then RSVP Yes for our low-cost upcoming Events for Practicing Catholic Singles ..

You will be seated with Members in YOUR age group from 19 yrs old to Seniors... at a Reserved Tables in a Restaurant !!! You can also privately message Members on-line... We have 360 Members & GROWING and some are from outside Toronto !!! ... in the future I hope we will have Meet & Greet All Members in every city across Canada & the U.S. etc..............

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Don't miss out ...Join for FREE Now!! Please answer ALL the Questions to Join ! :)

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It's daunting to meet just "Singles" and then realize you don't share the same values...

This is a Social Site for Heterosexual Practicing Catholic Singles. You will meet new CATHOLIC Singles of the opposite sex in your age group--either here On-line, at a Workshop, Outing or Fun Event or on a Saturday night from 8pm-11:00pm at an organized Event.

There are no Meetup Fees ever !!! Just pay for your own food and drink at the Restaurant where we meet !

MINIMUM $15 restaurant order to support the restaurant or venue where our Meetup is held. Please order a drink and/or food and enjoy the evening! *********No Meetup fee.

So far, we have 1 confirmed COUPLE who met here and Members are aware of them!

It's ALSO INTIMIDATING to go to a PARTY and walk into a room full of strangers who may or may not share your values.... or if they do, people are too shy or not bold enough to introduce themselves...

YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN THE TORONTO AREA! IS IT WORTH THE DRIVE? You can message a Member On-Line..or use Skype and you may be living far away!! My goal is for this site to go Nationwide across Canada , the U.S. The World ....and for Practicing Catholic Singles to Meet up at least monthly in many cities and provinces across Canada, USA and elsewhere around the world...Why not ?? ! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS SITE TO ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! All those lonely Practicing Catholic Singles sitting in all those church pews... this is a place for all those people to meet and you never know... :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is also an ON-LINE COMMUNITY of busy Practicing Catholic Singles who may wish to introduce themselves to Parishioners like themselves here on-line and then meet each other at a Group Event or use Skype as a communication tool if they live far away to show someone is genuine rather than texting or calling their cell which we don't recommend. Please feel free to message or better yet Skype Members you would like to meet but do NOT pester anyone or you may risk being banned. Not everyone will want to meet you. Keep trying. Also some people don't go on the Meetup Site all the time...... Be patient.. a new Member who just joined May be the one for you!


**** TO JOIN and be an Approved Member, you MUST post your recent close-up photo and answer ALL the Introduction questions. It shows that you are genuinely looking like the rest of us! Your PHOTO must ALWAYS be posted on our website or your profile will be removed. Sorry.

Also, please write a short introduction about yourself... that helps to attract that "Special Person" to want to get to know you better...without spilling too much info...!

On a Saturday night from 8pm-9:30 pm once a month, meet other Practicing Catholic Singles in your age group who want to meet each other! Meet another Practicing Catholic Single of the opposite sex!

Guys...meet your Girl and Ladies...meet your Guy. First impressions count!

Please read***SPECIAL NOTE below ....Please spread the word about this Meetup Group to your friends and family who also just happen to be Practicing Catholic Singles, Please!

***This is meant to be an INTRODUCTORY site and I believe it's better to meet someone at a public place to see if there is a connection rather than sit and type with someone who you may not have chemistry with. It's also better not to let anyone know where you work or live or give out your last name or any personal information until you know them better. It's always a good idea to let your loved ones know when and where you're meeting with someone from this site.It's best to have your own transportation when you meet someone and to keep your 1st meeting short so you have a low-pressure 1st Introduction.

Exercise caution and use common sense -- I don`t recommend messaging or telling

anyone any of your private information. Exercise caution when planning to meet someone.

ATTENDANCE/RSVP & "No-Show" at an Event POLICY:

Because this is a Social Site, our monthly meetups are considered a Group Social --therefore, Member who are a NO-SHOW will be immediately BANNED from this site. Communication & Courtesy with the Organizer and all Members are very important!

We strive to offer new, creative and fun events for our group. To be respectful of other group members and the organizer we are implementing a three strike (XXX) attendance policy.

If you cancel your RSVP less than 24 hours prior to an event, you will receive an X next your name. Three X's and you'll be removed from the group.

***Best Regards to all of you and may all of you know the Love of God and hopefully meet your True Love, with the help of this Meetup Group!


*****SPECIAL NOTE re. your Safety and how to adjust your settings to avoid getting unfavourable emails or messages from non-members....

While Meetup.com is a wonderful place to find like-minded individuals and meet for fun activities, it can also provide a medium for less desirable people to contact you. I wanted to warn you about possible scammers/spammers and give you some information on how to adjust your settings so that you are not sent emails or greetings from these types of people.

When you set up your account you have the ability to set your email/contact preferences. Unfortunately the default leaves you wide open to be contacted from almost anyone! You will need to change your settings to prevent this type of problem from happening.

To change your settings, click on the “ACCOUNT” tab and then go to “EMAIL AND NOTIFICATIONS”. Select “EMAIL AND NOTIFICATIONS EDIT” next to your Meetup Group. At the very bottom of the page you will see this:

"Who can contact you on the site?”
“Only Organizers” “Members of my Meetups” “Any member of Meetup"

"Who can post Greetings on your profile?”
“Only Organizers” “Members of my Meetups” “Any member of Meetup"

The defaults are "Any member of Meetup". You can, and should, change your settings here. Also please report any suspicious emails to me so that I can investigate and if necessary block the person and report them to Meetup.

Meetup masks your actual email address so unless you email someone directly, no one on Meetup, including the Organizers, have your actual email address. When you do respond to an email, there is the option of masking your email address and I recommend that you always do this. If you receive an email asking you to contact someone at a direct email address, this will most likely be a scam. Unless you know the other person always uses the Meetup Email Tool to contact another member. Also be aware that comments and greetings are visible to all members so do not share personal information here. I don’t want to alarm you and you might never have a problem, but there are some bad people out there so better to be aware than surprised!

Recently in one of my groups a member lost money to a scam. Here are some things to look for:
1. The person emailing you is usually very attractive and complimentary to you.
2. They often are temporarily working/living in another state or country.
3. They have a medical issue, problem or theft of their money and credit cards and ask you for financial help. Often they ask you to wire them money so they can fly home to meet you. You will be asked to pick them up at the airport...and no one will be there.

No matter how real these seem, these are professional scammers and will even try to make you feel guilty for doubting them. Again, please report any suspicious emails to me right away so I can investigate. Also any spammy greetings or posts on your profile or on an event. I want Meetup to be a fun, friendly, and SAFE place for all our members.

Some other common sense information: While you should always be safe attending a posted Meetup, should you decide to meet one of the members on your own please meet in a public place the first few times until you get to know the other person and do not disclose too much personal information in advance. Meetup is somewhat anonymous and this is done for your safety. Thus you should probably not post your first and last name on the group. While 99% of our members are good honest people, better safe than sorry!

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