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Do you want to be more present?

Do you ever find yourself:

stuck in a train of thought that takes you away from the people around you?
feel your physical presence is disconnected from your mental presence?
struck speechless with a blank mind?
interrupting someone to respond, because you think you'll forget what you need to say?

Have you:

enjoyed a 'meditation high' that fades away when you start interacting with the world?
read about being present and wondered about an active practice of presence?
meditated, expecting more results than you get?
wondered if you can experience a mediation high that is connected to other people?

Are you:

a public speaker that wants to answer questions more easily?
an actor that wants greater comfort on stage?
an improviser that wants to roll better with surprises?
a lover that wants to connect better with your partner?
a group leader that wants to better flow with unpredictable events?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, the Practicing Engaged Presence (http://PracticingEngagedPresence.com) method can help you enjoy life more.

We practice paying attention and responding to each other while performing simple interactive tasks of increasing complexity.

Our process is inspired by Eugen Herrigel with this quote from 'Zen in the Art of Archery':
"The archer ceases to be conscious of himself as the one who is engaged in hitting the bull's-eye which confronts him. This state of unconscious is realized only when, completely empty and rid of the self, he becomes one with the perfecting of his technical skill, though there is in it something of a quite different order which cannot be attained by any progressive study of the art..."

Just like you can strengthen your arms with push-ups, you can enhance your engaged presence with interaction exercises.

After an hour or two of this work, the world becomes brighter and more vibrant. It's a natural high!

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