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Kayaking 1 Star Course [1 slot left]

Gaelic Dragons

Looking to learn some new skills or even try a new sport this new year? Well, why not join us for our Kayaking 1 Star course! It is also a good way to clock in some exercise after all the CNY feasting.

Learn how to kayak with proper paddling techniques and kayaking rescue skills from a professional kayaking coach. The best thing is you will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding Marina reservoir with a group of like-minded friends.

Sign up here: https://www.ministryofadventure.com/sportsclub

With proper kayaking skills, you can kayak in the open sea with more confidence, and imagine the possibility of you having a whale or dolphins swimming by your side with you! Additionally, you can come and join us for our kayaking expeditions.

Date: 27, 28 February 2021
Duration: 2 days, 8am - 2pm each day
Location: Marina Reservoir

Course Fee
$85 / person (MOA Member)
$90 / person (Public)

Start the year right by getting yourself certified and learning new kayaking skills! You might even be able to tick off a certain goal from your bucket list within the first month of 2021.

Sign up here: https://www.ministryofadventure.com/sportsclub

-This 1 Star course is a collaboration with A Lumi Pte Ltd-

If you’d like to know more or sign up for our membership, you can click on the link below!
Link: https://www.ministryofadventure.com/membership

*By signing up for this event, you are agreeing to all our Terms & Conditions.

Round Trip East Coast Park to Changi (2-stars and above only)
Needs a date and time

Water Venture East Coast Park

*2 stars and above only*

Thinking of kayaking from East Coast Park to Changi and back, breaking at Changi for lunch. Never tried this before, is it doable? If you have done this before, please comment, and lead the way!

Cost: Rental from Water Venture East Coast Park, lunch, lockers.

Round Trip: Sentosa -> Southern Islands (experienced & confident kayakers only)

(Let's try something different: renting from a commercial operator instead of Water Venture. Who's still keen?)
Southern Islands round island. Who's interested? Open to all, but please, no first-timers. Heard that the currents there are not easy.
* must be able to kayak in open waters in a single-seater kayak
* must be able to swim with PFD
* must be able to kayak 10km at a stretch, with minimal breaks for lunch, toilet breaks and raft-ups
* must be able to rescue, assist in a rescue, or self recover if a capsize occurs.
Cost: Approx SGD100 for the kayak rental.
Itinerary: Sentosa -> Southern Islands -> Island hopping -> lunch -> R&R paddle around -> Sentosa

Kayaking 1-Star Certification Course
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This is a place holder for those who are interested to go for kayaking 1-star certification course. You can RSVP here and discuss.

The Kayaking 1-star certification is open to everybody who is interested in the basics of kayaking and wish to take up the sport.

Its main value is to allow the holder to proceed to the 2-star certification

The main organisations that conduct the course are:

1. Water Venture

2. X'treme Kayaking

3. Singapore Canoe Federation

Please enquire and register with the respective organisation if you want to attend the course.

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