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What we’re about

Join us for Pragmatic Coaching Club's monthly meeting! Iulia Dobre-Trifan (Executive & Life Mentor Coach), Ciprian Dobre-Trifan (Technical Mentor Coach), and all other pragmatic coaching enthusiasts come together to practice inspiring coaching techniques, to explore creative solutions to adaptive contexts and to share an amazing experience.

Stop spinning in circles and join us in the exploration of what lies beyond! Visit our website to find out more about us, pragmatic coaching, and all activities related to our club.

If you decide pragmatic coaching is for you and you want to get involved in our monthly meetings please fill in the registration form here to become a member of the club.

Direct your browser to for more information on our coaching learning programs, memberships and professional articles.

Here is a video from one of our club's meetings to give you a taste of what you will find: