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Happy new year!

We are proud to announce that we managed to successfully pass x-mass and we are more than happy to schedule another meetup for you. It will be special. We have a great engineer from Uber to share their Jenkins experience. After it we will get a great talk about Tectontic - a new shiny CoreOS project to run Kubernetes in Enterprise.

• Jenkins as Code - Lukasz Szczesny
Jobs in Jenkins (or any other CI/CD tool) can be created and updated manually using UI. It is ok if you have a few/several of them. However, most of the companies grow and you can quickly wake up with dozens or hundreds of jobs to maintain.

A new email address/alias to get notification about failed builds?
Global migration to the better™ SCM? No way to do it manually with GUI in a convenient way. It just doesn’t scale. Manual scripts using Jenkins API? Better, but hard to test and maintain. The same applies to plugin installation, credentials managements etc. Luckily, there is a better way.
During the talk I will present how to create a scalable CI/CD solution using Jenkins with Job DSL and Jenkins Pipeline. Expect live demo - Iwill setup fully functional Jenkins instance with just one click!

• Enterprise Kubernetes - Jiri Kratochvil
Topic that resonates now, but as you know it is hard to run software in big enterprise companies. Not only for a big complexity but even its hard to convince managers to run software without a support.
Are you interested in Docker and Kubernetes offerings? Are you in touch with a latest CoreOS news?