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Dear gurus,

on this event there'll be 2 sessions

1st Radek Šimko from Hashicorp

Using Terraform to build Terraform

Interested in learning about the basics of Terraform? Join us for a special session with HashiCorp Software Engineer Radek Šimko, who will fly in from London to offer an introduction to the tool that’s suitable even for those who haven’t yet tried it themselves.

The session will include a live demonstration of real Terraform configs (demo gods permitting ;)) and will explore how the Terraform team at HashiCorp uses some lesser-known providers (like GitHub) to manage their own infrastructure.

HashiCorp is the company behind six tools (Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Consul, Nomad, and Vault) which enable their users to define consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. These tools are used by smaller organizations and individuals, but also by 100+ Fortune 500 companies. It may therefore come as no surprise that HashiCorp also uses these tools internally to provision their own infrastructure.

2nd Radek Blufor Slavicinsky from Ataccama

Using Terraform to Manage Hybrid Cloud Resources in Ataccama

In this session, Ataccama’s Chief DevOps Engineer Radek Slavičínský will present a Terraform use case, covering the process of deploying parts of company infrastructure resources that create the baseline for running offered services. In particular, he will discuss:

- Terraform backends for shared state persistence
- Wrapping commonalities into modules
- Handing the provisioned resources over to config-management services

Looking forward to see you again.