What we're about

This group in for anyone interested in dog meet ups around Prague. It will be a great experience for dogs and dog owners to socialise. Let's create a wonderful community here in Prague:)

If your dog loves to be around other people and dogs then this group is perfect for you. We will organise dog play meetups, walks and hikes so that our dogs can socialise and we dog owners can too!

If it's a play meetup, then we will aim to find a secure park or place in nature where the dogs can be off the leash and free to enjoy each others company. If you are unsure how your dog will react around other dogs, don't worry, you are still welcome to come along and you can keep him/her on a leash until you are comfortable.

For dog owners we can also enjoy each others company and watch our dogs play and have fun. This will hopefully be a relaxing and stress free activity for all of us.

I look forward to meeting you are your dogs soon!


Past events (3)

Dog Play in Prague November 2019 Meetup

Dog Park

Dog Play Meetup - Kunratice Forest

Kunratický mlýn

Dog Play Meetup - Kunratice Forest

Kunratický mlýn

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