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Prague full-stack developers meetup #2

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Jan Č. and Tomas R.
Prague full-stack developers meetup #2


Wohoo, the second meetup of Prague full-stack developers is here and we're bringing several amazing speakers from some of the most interesting software teams in Prague.

You might already know this from the first meetup, but just in case: Please don't think of this meetup as "I will go there and watch what are these guys doing", but rather "I will go there and talk about interesting engineering topics". Let's be interactive! During any talk, if you have a question or a comment, just shout it out. Need to top up your beer? Go for it. Want to add the new awesome framework that you just heard about to your code base? Just do it, and then regret a few years later 🙂

🇬🇧All the talks will be presented in English.

🏠The event is kindly hosted by HubHub (

🍕🍺Beer and food will be supplied by Apify ( and PipeDrive (

Here's the latest version of the program (subject to change):

🕘Start at 18:30


👩🏻‍💻 To be or not to be a full stack developer
Ladislav Prskavec | Apiary
My experience with full stack development from 2013 to now.

🧯65+ production deployments per day
Tomas Rehor | Pipedrive
450+ production services with 100% automated CI/CD has great benefits, but also comes at a cost. Fail fast, fix fast is one of the possible strategies, one I will talk about too. What is the toolset needed to get this working and what are the impacts on engineering culture and way of working? I’ll cover all of that in my talk.

🥪Application layers, languages and tools in NetSuite
Richard Fojta | NetSuite
Most of the coding in NetSuite is done in Java, but we also use other languages for different tasks and automation. We're using different databases, different components, and approaches. This talk will be an introduction to basics.

🎓UNIX philosophy in the age of cloud computing
Jan Čurn | Apify
The simplicity and universality of UNIX were one of the key factors that sparked the computer revolution of the 80s. Is there anything in UNIX philosophy that can be applied in the age of cloud computing?

⚡Lightning talks (if any)
Do you have some topic that you'd like to present or discuss? Here's your chance to do a quick presentation in the lightning talk format. No need to announce the talk before, just go for it right at the meetup :)

Nobody goes home before we finish all the beer and food 😃🤢

Panská 2 · Praha 1-Nové Město
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