Golang Prague #3

This is a past event

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Pernerova 49, Praha 8 - Karlín · Prague

How to find us

Near Economia in Forum Karlin palace.

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We open at 6 pm and talks start at 6:30 pm. Talks will have 20-30 min.

1) David Majda - Building an IoT platform with Go and Python

Go and Python are very different languages, but do they complement each other? At Energomonitor, we think so, and we used both to build an IoT platform that processes and analyzes data from our devices in real-time. Where did we use Go? Where did we use Python? Why? What are the strong points of each language? And what are the weak ones? How do the ecosystems compare? And what about the daily operational experience? Finally, what would we do differently knowing what we know today? These are all questions I will attempt to answer, based on our multi-year experience.

2) Karel Minarik - Go Forth and Interface{}

In this talk, I’d like to focus on the concept of an interface in Go, and explain why I consider it to be one of Go's killer features. I would like to demonstrate how interfaces influence the code architecture, the basic examples such as `io.Reader/Writer` implementations, how to make use of the `io.Reader` concept in your code, describe use cases for `io.TeeReader` or `http.MaxBytesReader` implementations, and explain the fundamental role interfaces play in mocking for successful testability.

Bio: Karel Minarik is an interactive designer and developer. He works at Elastic, where he maintains Ruby libraries for Elasticsearch and a medley of internal applications written in Ruby and Go. He lives in Prague.

3) Ladislav Prskavec - Go, Robot, Go!

Gobot is a framework for robots, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT), written in the Go programming language. Gobot has a extensible system for connecting to hardware devices. In talk we will focus on DJI Tello with some real demos.