What we're about

This group was founded to build collaborative community of specialists in Open Banking from Finance, Technology, Security and Regulatory perspective.

The whole world is in a move toward massive disruption of one of the oldest and most conservative businesses. In few years, what money is and how they circulate will be very distant from what people are used to for centuries now. The change is inevitable. Actually it is already present although not very tangible yet. The impact will be huge - dramatic for the losers and spectacular for the winners. But who will be the losers and winners? Certainly we all believe that we are on the right side. But is it possible for all of us to be correct at the same time? Will all strategies be winning? Can we safely split and share the benefits? Can we do it without a fight? Collaborating?

The goal is together to identify the important questions, initiate discussions and find the right answers. Lets share our knowledge and learn from each other to better understand the driving forces and create new opportunities.

I'll be preparing first meeting around middle of June. Meanwhile let's start sharing our thoughts, questions and ideas in the discussions space of this Meetup.

Thank you for your interest / joining the group!


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Open Banking is here! Really?

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First Open Banking Meetup in Prague

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