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Prague Philosophy Cafe in English

It is public, free (but please buy a drink) and it lasts around 2 hours.

Topics are proposed by the attendees and then one of them is chosen on the basis of its interest as a topic for all.

People speak one at a time.

It's fun, ....and serious ! :)

Welcome to the Prague Philosophy Cafe in English !


Examples of topics that people suggest in "Philosophy cafes":

"Why do we celebrate?"
"Can we live without fear?"
"Is humour serious?"
"What is critical thinking?"
"Is art a knowledge?"
"Is happiness more important than truth?"
"Can intelligence be false?"
etc., etc.
... Just come with a topic and we will choose one together by voting.

The meetup venue will be in a café in central Prague (it will be indicated)



2 hours debate (19:30-21h30).

Short break around 20h30?

Then free chatting at 21:30?

Do not interrupt people when they speak. Raise your hand when you want to speak.

Priority is given to people who have not spoken yet or who do not speak often. Do not speak for too long when you're given the floor so everyone can speak.

Always be respectful :)

The moderator appoints another moderator (every 35 min?)

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