Let's raid Majáles

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Pomník svatého Václava

Václavské náměstí · Prague

How to find us

Meetup is shit, I cannot point to a map and say "go there", insted there's this bullshit system of venues. Basically, look for a big bronze statue of dude on a horse, I will be waiting under it.

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It's time to raid again and take some great photos!

There's this event called Majáles. In its heart it's some sort of student celebration, now hijacked by savage corporate interest (of course) and marketed as an opulent festival. Fuck that, I have no interest in that big money gig.

Our target is a parade just before that bullshit event --- something simpler, more animalistic and the most importantly free. Dust off your widest lens, it's time to get close, get physical, get involved and get crazy. Time for some proper raiding. Expect nothing less than blind drunk young meat stumbling through chaotic streets with music blearing everywhere, freakish spectacle of wild indecency and celebration of every untamed aspect of youth. Or something like that...

What to bring: Camera/lens combo that suits your style, wide angle for full-contact action, long lens for precise sniping, zooms for undecided, flash unit if you are into truly perverted shit. Less is more and higher mobility is always preferred.

Meeting spot: Václavské Náměstí, behind statue of sv. Václav, 10:00 AM


But seriously, if you are freaked out by my insane gibberish (as every sane person should be), come along anyway, it's usually not that wild.