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Hello PostgreSQL lovers,

We are happy to announce our sixth meetup of 2018! We will have the first talk in English and the second talk in Czech. You can join either one or both of the talks as you prefer.

• 18:00 Welcome talk
• 18:15 Magnus Hagander - What's New in PostgreSQL 11 [ENG]
• 19:00 Coffee Break
• 19:15 Petr Jelínek - Advanced Logical Replication [CZ]
• 20:00 Closing

What's New in PostgreSQL 11 [ENG]
PostgreSQL 11 is not done yet. In fact, most people have not upgraded to 10 yet! But at this point, we are well past feature freeze and should know pretty well what's going to be included. This talk will outline some of the bigger and more interesting features to look forward to!

Advanced Logical Replication [CZ]
We've had logical replication in core for about a year now and logical decoding for even longer. Many people now know basic usage scenarios like replication of only subset of tables. This talk is focused on less common or more advanced uses like queuing, data integration and similar.

• Important to know

We go out for drinks/dinner after the meetup and you can register yourself here (until 26th of Aug) if you would like to join us:

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