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Learn the art of true intimacy and deep connection

Radical Honesty is a revolutionary and compassionate communication method, cutting right through obsessive thinking to get grounded in the present moment. By honestly speaking about your current experience, you get the chance to let go of thinking and feel closer to your peers. You also have the chance to complete the past once and for all by speaking about what you kept hidden or lied about,

We believe that most human suffering is based on some form of lying – withholding, manipulating, or the direct telling of lies (including so-called “little white lies”). We also believe that withholding feelings is one of the fastest ways to make yourself sick and create dis-ease in the body.


By lying, we trap ourselves in our own thoughts and live half-depressed, half-sleepwalking lives, wondering what happened to our childhood aliveness. We postpone happiness. We keep ourselves small and live the same old day – over and over again. We wonder why we feel alienated from our friends, family, and loves ones and feel isolated from the world.

Radical Honesty is the antidote to playing it small!

… yet it has nothing to do with brutal honesty or extreme honesty – Radical Honesty is a vulnerable sharing of what goes on for you in the present moment.

Would you like to free yourself from the jail of your mind and learn new, honest and compassionate, ways of being and relating? Would you like to learn how to tell complete truth and support others in doing so?

Then join us for our Introduction or Advanced Sessions here in Prague!

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