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Learn to Take Control of Your Physical, Emotional, & Mental Health

Angel Attic Holistic Haven

REGISTER AT: http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-5021819/092219 All of us have the innate ability to heal ourselves. This can be accomplished by understanding how energy, or prana, works and how it can help or hurt our physical, emotional and mental health. Join us for this FREE event, where you will learn: • How energy plays an important role in your physical, emotional and mental health • How to quickly reduce stress by using simple energy techniques • Boost your energy any time of the day, without coffee, tea or energy drinks • Protect your energy from negative relatives, co-workers and friends • How to experience inner peace, harmony and happiness • Attain the ability to attract good luck and become more prosperous Workshop Cost: FREE, Donations Accepted Contact Val Talia with any questions at [masked]

Pranic Healing Community Healing & Meditation ~ Ferndale

Our Pranic Healing Community Clinic is a great way to experience Pranic Healing. We begin with an Introduction to Pranic Healing. Learn about this powerful healing modality. Followed by a group meditation, Meditation On Twin Hearts. Pranic Healers in the community volunteer and offer healing sessions. If you would like to re-energize, feel more at peace, alleviate some physical or emotional pains, or just curious, come and experience Pranic Healing. The community healing clinic and meditation nights are on a donation basis. Please RSVP Space is limited. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a guided meditation uses principles of "Pranic Healing" to safely activate a person’s Heart and Crown Chakras to transmit tremendous amounts of healing energy to the Earth. The practice of this meditation also cleanses and energizes the aura and chakras allowing the practitioner to experiences peace, calmness, ​and clarity of thought. This universal meditation respectful of all religions and faiths, it is practiced around the world by people from all walks of life. Contact: Rose Fritsch [masked]. For more information please visit www.pranichealing.com Master Choa Kok Sui, Modern Founder of Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga

Free Energy Healing Sessions - Body Mind Spirit Holistic Festival

REGISTER AT: http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-5015921/100519-booth Join us for FREE Pranic Healing® sessions at the Body, Mind, Spirit Holistic Festival. Stop by the Pranic Healing booth and sign up for a free healing, learn about the benefits of energy healing and put your name in a drawing to win a great prize! $5.00 fee to enter the expo. Contact Val Talia with questions at [masked]

Discover Health Through "Prana" with Chandan Parmameswara

REGISTER FOR UPDATES AT: http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-5015993/100519-cp1 Join us for this FREE lecture at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Unity of Livonia. $5 fee to enter the festival. During this lecture, you will learn a wide variety of information, including: 1. Discover how Prana (life-force) affects you physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. 2. Learn how to use Prana (life-force) to accelerate your body's ability to heal itself. 3. Enhance your knowledge of the aura, chakras and energy anatomy. Get there early as seats are not guaranteed. See you there! Contact Val Talia with any questions at [masked]

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