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The first half of the meetup is a Healing Clinic. The second half we will be doing "Twin Hearts Meditation" Join us for a FREE Pranic Healing® Clinic that is offered as service to the community. PRANIC HEALING® is an effective and powerful notouch healing modality developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that uses ‘Life force’ or Prana (Chi or Ki) to heal physical and emotional ailments. Pranic Healing® works successfully with ailments ranging from stress, back pain, asthma, arthritis to traumas, phobias, and addiction. Invite your friends and loved ones to Experience Pranic Healing! Benefits Many practitioners of Meditation on Twin Hearts around the world are discovering and experiencing the following benefits within a short period of time: ✤ Heightened level of intuition ✤ Increased healing power ✤ Sharper and clearer thinking ✤ Inner peace, love and compassion ✤ Enhanced spirituality ✤ Brighter and more balanced aura and bigger chakras ✤ Safe activation of higher clairvoyance ✤ Healthier physical bodies ✤ Success in life with less stress ✤ A more magnetic personality We invite you to experience these benefits for yourself

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