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Build a strong retirement that is immune to Wall Street. If you're rich, you put your money in the bank. If you're wealthy, you are the bank!

Many investors are sensing it's time to lock in their gains and put some of their money where Wall Street can't touch. But, where can you put your money where it is safe and it can grow?

You could put your money in the bank and earn 2%. However, wouldn’t it be better to earn 8-17% by BEING THE BANK?

This group was created to bring awareness to a different way to invest in real estate. Our focus is on how to purchase or creates simple low loan-to-value 1st position mortgages and land contracts secured by brick & mortar real estate. If the economy enters a recession, we're not worried. We're expecting it and want to provide other investors with the tools to take advantage of opportunities when the time comes.

We believe investing is all about controlling your own destiny. If your stock goes down, what options do you have? Sell, hold, or buy more... Not exactly a position you want to be in when a market is in a recession.

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You have probably heard that money is made when you buy not when you sell in real estate. This is truer today than ever. By the time a foreclosure reaches the open market (MLS) it has most likely been traded behind the scenes more than a few times.

Therefore, the end buyer is only seeing the real estate market not the mortgage note market that exists. They are paying retail prices in a highly competitive sellers’ market.

This group was created to explore this hidden world and shed light on many of the misconceptions surrounding real estate and mortgage investing. Together we will discuss:

* Strategies that allow us to purchase properties for 30-40% cents on the dollar.
* How to reduce our risk with different exit strategies than the typical fix & flip.
* How to evaluate and underwrite mortgage notes
* Market cycles and key market indicators
* Who are the key players (title companies, bankers, hedge funds, lawyers)

The world of pre-foreclosures and non-performing notes are more prevalent than you may realize. From retirees looking to secure their future cash flows to fix & flippers, this is information you are going to want to know.

*We do not offer legal advise. Real estate and debt instrument investing involves a high degree of risk. This is not an offer to purchase or invest. Please seek legal councel before investing.

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Real Estate-What’s Your Best Fit? How You Can Achieve Your Financial Freedom

Real Estate-What’s Your Best Fit? 5 Proven Careers To Create Massive Wealth And How You Can Achieve Your Financial Freedom Are you tired of working in the rat race making others wealthy? Do you find yourself often dreaming of ways to escape the 9-5 grind? Do you want a side hustle to supplement your current income? Can “real estate” help you reach your financial goals? What real estate career fits your personality? Fits your personality? What does THAT have to do with anything? It has everything to do with your success! Discover your “know” so you can begin to grow! Gail Villanueva has made it her personal commitment to help aspiring entrepreneurs become successful real estate professionals. The key is to determine what your best fit is! My goal is to help you discover, find, and prosper in your niche in real estate, through your own self-discovery of your personality attributes. Unlock the benefits of being a real estate professional and entrepreneur. Join us for the Michigan Note Investors Forum on Monday, November 9 as Gail explains the 5 proven careers to create massive wealth and how you can achieve your financial freedom! The unique twist is how Gail unravels how YOUR personality will fit one or more of these careers. We’ve all heard the saying “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Gail can help you navigate your way through the maze and confusion of finding your niche in real estate so you never have to work another day in your life. Create the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed about!

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