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# STARTUP is an organization started by serial entrepreneurs and investors. As many of you have probably experienced, the value-add of most startup events is minimal. The quality of talks and panels is low, but it is even worse when it comes to networking opportunities made available by these events. A chosen few get all the attention while rest of the attendees do nothing more than exchange business cards. Our goal is to provide a level playing field to everyone because it is our belief that you learn more from people who are "in the same boat" rather than from superstars who have "been there, done that".

We want to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, providers and others from the startup ecosystem. Together, we will build a community that is completely focused on providing high-value to # STARTUP members. We may restrict access or organize invite-only events (based on member relevance to certain events) to ensure quality of our events and conferences.

We are dedicated to building the best startup community. But, we will not grow our network at the expense of diluting value to our members. Become a member now so we get to know you early on in our journey.

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