What we're about

These are scary times with natural disasters, unemployment the housing crisis, the threat of terrorism and even talk of economic collapse. One key piece to getting through these situations is preparedness.

Preparedness 101 offers lectures, classes and hands on clinics designed to teach basic and intermediate skills in emergency preparedness and survival.

The goal is to train, educate and share ideas with other like minded people. Knowledge is not only power, it builds confidence and ability.

Preparedness is more than having some water and food set aside. This group will not only discuss methodologies for urban and wilderness survival, we will have hands on demonstrations by experienced, competent trainers.

This group is dedicated to personal growth and betterment and embraces diversity, therefore we are not a political or religious based group.

There are not fees or dues and all classes are free of charge.

On a personal note as the organizer I want everyone to know that I have been personally and professionally involved in preparedness and emergency planning. This is a response to a need for quality training and education. This group is not based on "dooms day" or world ending scenarios but real world unexpected situations.

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Making a Preparedness Plan

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Tactical Pistol 2 (Intermediate)

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Tactical Pistol Class

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Tactical Carbine (AR15/AK47) Course

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