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Camping - Types, Methods, Places, Tricks, Gear and More

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Camping - Types, Methods, Places, Tricks, Gear and More

There are so many variations of camping that when you mention the word camping it is unlikely that the picture in your mind is even remotely close to that of the person you are telling about it has in their mind when they picture it.

Will is going to explain the types, methods, places and gear that we use to camp safely and enjoy the great outdoors, hike through or bug-out.

There are several types of camping based upon the type of shelter that you utilize:

Backpack Camping

Through Hiker Camping

Primitive Tent Camping

Car / Vehicle Camping

RV Camping

Lean-to Camping

Yurt / Cabin / Permanent Shelter Camping

There are different types of camping sites / venues:

Federal or State Park

Private Campground

AT / PCT etc

Private Land (with permission)


WalMart Camping

Guerilla Camping

Urban Camping

Stealth Camping

As per the fee: We only ask for a donation of $2 per person in order to offset the cost of the site fee which is approximately $149 per year.

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