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Let's Retire Early: Innovate, Strategize, & Build a Huge Wealth Nest Egg!!
• What we'll do Remember this: "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die." -Warren Buffet So this is a group for us to get together and look at & strategize together to better discover and understand how we can retire early and build a huge wealth nest egg. More than just for the people that want to retire early, but for the people that want to retire wealthy! This is NOT for financial professionals that are trying to acquire clients!!! Repeat, this is not a sales or lead generation group...keep your sales pitches away. This is a super friendly early retirement & wealth building focused group that want to takes steps to change their own life and the world as a whole. Not to be bound by traditional outdated financial practices! Let's change the world... • What to bring Nothing! • Important to know Nothing!

Pub at Golden Road Brewing

5410 West San Fernando Road · Los Angeles