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Our mission is to create a heightened level of Emergency Preparedness in our members through education, training, and group involvement. We do this first by recruiting and utilizing the highest degree of subject matter experts from within the group, then we go further by hosting education and training opportunities with professionals in a wide variety of fields, and finally through informational postings of events around the area.

Emergency Preparedness is about so much more than beans and bullets, and that is where our strength is- in knowing and practicing that. There are so many areas to consider when we look at emergencies, whether its natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes, or human-made ones like economic collapse and RDDs, or the much simpler things like a power outage, a contaminated water reservoir, or a chainsaw accident in the back yard.

If you join our group, when participating in it, act as if you were signing your name to your behavior. In your posts, dialogs, and encounters with group members be respectful and let that interaction be something you would be proud for anyone to see... because anyone can. Our reasons for preparedness are many, our motivations diverse. Let's stay focused on preparing and not the reasons for it.

By working together we raise the level of preparedness on the whole, and breathe a little easier ourselves…

We have a monthly Meetup on the third Saturday of the month at various locations. These may be informational, instructional, or purely social. Business meeting happen every two months in conjunction with the monthly Meetup. Other Meetups happen on demand as opportunities present themselves.

A note for prospective vendors: Your goods and/or services must be vetted before they are offered here. Part of that process will be determining your involvement in the group. Do not expect to simply sign up and start using this group as a marketing opportunity. Your ability to benefit from this group will in part be determined by how involved you are.

Thanks, and Let's Get Prepping!

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