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Friendly people doing fun things!

This group is an active, fun, and friendly group, where you can meet new people and make new friends.

Our memberships consist of singles, and couples, and families.

The events we may have may include: hiking, biking, camping, pickleball, kayaking, dining out, movies, bowling, BBQs, skating, wine tasting, music/concerts, attending local functions, museums, potlucks, or any other activity that our members suggest! We try to be as inclusive as possible by offering a variety of activities.

Part of this group's fun is that everyone is allowed and encouraged to suggest ideas for future events, and as a result, we have a nice variety of events. They may be last minute ideas, or they may be planned for quite some time.

Let's hear from you! Contact the Organizer with your ideas!

This is not a singles club or a dating site. This group exists so that good people can get together and have fun.

Children and Pets are welcome at most of our events. We occasionally go to a casino or bar where children are not allowed.

If you would like to participate in some fun things, with a great group of people, then this group is for you!

Membership Dues: There is a 90 day trial period. After 90 days, members are required to pay a membership fee. A $10.00 per year (12 months) membership fee is required. Meetup charges a fee for each group, so it is asked of the members to help pay for this fee. Membership dues also help pay for other group expenses, such as prizes, supplies, or renting a park or facility. Your dues allow this group be able to continue to be awesome! One membership may be for a single person, a couple, or for an entire family. Once you sign up, you have 90 days to send payment or pay in person at an event. After 90 days, unpaid members are not able to RSVP to events. Couples/Families: when you sign up for the group, only one membership fee is needed. Then when you sign up for an event, you can add a "+1" (adding one more to our rsvp count.

Age Group:
Everyone is welcome to join this group!

Upcoming events (5)

Let's clean our Adopt-a-Highway mile

The Villages ~ Hwy 69 milepost 283

Let's clean our Adopt a Highway mile! The Adopt a Highway Program provides a way for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of the roadside within the Arizona State Highway System. Our group has taken on the responsibility of helping our community by participating in the Adopt-a-Highway program. We have been assigned a mile on Hwy 69 in Dewey and we clean it at least 4 times per year. Meet in the The Village of Lynx Creek. Entrance to Quailwood golf course. Park on North Village Way, which is north of and parallel to the highway. Look for our "meetup" sign when you turn into the entrance to Quailwood golf course (at The Villages). At one end of the mile is the Quailwood golf course, at The Villages at Lynx Creek Community, and the other end of the mile is near Leff-T's Steakhouse and Guido's Pizza (near the Family Dollar store). The mile is from milepost 282 to 283. We will clean for about 90 minutes. >>> I'll bring donuts and bottled water. <<< No sandals or "flip-flops" (safety FIRST!) Will we start at milepost 283 on the north side and work our way East to milepost 282, then turn around and come back on the south side. ADOT provides safety training, trash bags, and two signs to be used at each end of their adopted section. I will pass along the safety information that I received. The main thing is to not walk out on the highway and get hit by a car. We need to wear the safety vests. I will bring these. These have been provided by A.D.O.T. We have sticks with nails on the end to pick up the trash. Children (13 and younger) and pets are NOT allowed at this event for safety reasons. For our efforts, the group's name has been put on a sign at each end of the mile. I hope we get lots of members to come out. We have fun and it is a chance to do something nice for our community. Mark this on your calendar and let's all meet up to participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Geocaching at Willow Lake, then lunch.

Willow Lake Boat Ramp

Who wants to go to Willow Lake in Prescott for Geocaching? This is a fun & challenging activity, which is enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. The object is fairly simple: Using GPS coordinates, locate hidden containers, which will contain a logbook/sheet & sometimes, small items for trading. The challenge is to navigate the surrounding terrain & pinpoint the location. Some hiking is involved. 2 - 3 miles is typical. Terrain may be steep, rugged or rocky & thick brush may be encountered. By its very nature, this is NOT a fast-paced activity. A handheld GPS device or geocaching phone app is helpful, but not required in this case. The iPhone app can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store. The smartphone (Android) app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A pen or pencil, notepad & extraction tool such as tweezers may be useful. Small items for trading are optional, but will add to the fun. For more information, go to www.geocaching.com. The weather may be hot, so dress accordingly. Be sure to wear comfortable walking/hiking shoes. A water bottle is recommended. First aid kit, insect repellent & sunscreen might also be a good idea. A camera might come in handy. Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome. Let's meet at the ramada by the boat landing. Afterwards, we can meet for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Anyone interested in carpooling, please post in comments. Stay tuned for more details or for any changes.

Independence Day BBQ & Fireworks Watching in Prescott Valley!

Steve's place in Prescott Valley

Dear friends, When I purchased my house I had no idea that my back yard is a front-row seat for the Town of Prescott Valley fireworks display! Join us at 7 PM for a potluck BBQ and stick around for the fireworks at 9 PM! Bring something for the grill, side-dish, desert or drink and please announce what you'll bring so as to avoid too much duplication. PLEASE mark your serving dishes & utensils (tupperware, corningware, etc.) If not, it will end up in the local thrift store. Alcohol is fine, just don't get inebriated to the point of doing something stupid or embarrassing. I have close to twenty chairs but if you prefer, you may bring your own folding chair, marked, of course. I'm supplying the hot dogs & chicken, you supply the rest! NOTE: I typically get 30-50 folks at my BBQ events, so you may want to consider car-pooling from the parking lot of a nearby store, say, perhaps, Safeway on Hwy 69 at Windsong Drive. See you on July the 4th at 4008 N. Dale Drive, Prescott Valley! Steve Marcus[masked] (cell) PS: You are welcome to come before 7 PM but I might just put you to work! Please note: I love animals and dogs in particular, but please leave Bowser and Spot at home tonight.

Potluck/Kayaking Under the Full Moon at Watson Lake

Come join us for our traditional full moon kayaking/potluck at the lake. This time, we are having our potluck at the Watson Lake shore, and then we will go kayaking under the full moon. Meet at 5:30pm, then we'll start eating at 6pm. After eating, we will launch our kayaks. Get there earlier and float before we eat if you like! There is a $3 fee to park at the lake. Even if you are not going to kayak, come out to the potluck! Be sure to sign up to attend this event. The potluck before the kayaking is a nice way to socialize. If you are new to the group, this will be a nice time to come out and meet some of the members. For the potluck, folding tables, plates, flatware, napkins, salt, pepper, name tags, etc will be provided, as well as some propane heaters. Bring a dish to share and your beverages. In the past, we have had pizza, buckets of chicken, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, potato and Mac salads, soups, brownies, cookies, etc. Write your name on bottom of your dish so it gets back to you. We will clean up the potluck before we kayak. Bring your folding chairs! Bring flashlight, cameras (in water-proof containers), bug spray. >>>READ: If you kayak, life jackets are required. Safety First! Life jackets are required to be worn while participating in this groups kayaking events. The law says they must be "readily accessible". Even if the law said we don't need them at all, I will insist we all wear them for safety. Thank You!!! >>>>The kayak rentals at the lake are closed. Mention in the comments if you have an extra or if you need a kayak. I will be bringing the aluminum boat so a few people can go out in it. Dress warm enough. Go out in 2's (or more). We can plan at the shore to stay in groups for safety. Keep lights low for full moon enjoyment! READ: When you return to the shore, and are loading your kayaks into your vehicles, be sure that you don't have your headlights pointing out on the water. That makes it hard for other kayakers to get to the shore. Where to meet up: Meet near the old boat ramp. Go straight past the guard shack, then turn left just past the grassy field. There is a restroom where you make this left turn. Go to the parking lot above the lake. From the parking lot, there is a small road down to the lake. You may drive down to the lake to unload your kayak, and then return your car to the parking lot. READ: DO NOT park near the water. This area is for unloading your kayak only. Do not get confused. When you enter the park, there is a sign that says boat rentals/ramp pointing to the right. Do not go there. Go straight past the guard shack until you see a grassy field on your left, then turn left just past the field. Always check the comments section on this event to find out about any updates or changes. Keep your dogs leashed!!! For the safety of everyone and our pets, please keep your dogs leashed at our events. We are going 2 days before the actual full moon so that the moon comes up earlier in the evening. Be sure to visit our site's sponsor for all your computer needs. www.pckevin.com

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