What we're about

Friendly people doing fun things!

This group is an active, fun, and friendly group, where you can meet new people and make new friends.

Our memberships consist of singles, and couples, and families.

The events we may have may include: hiking, biking, camping, pickleball, kayaking, dining out, movies, bowling, BBQs, skating, wine tasting, music/concerts, attending local functions, museums, potlucks, or any other activity that our members suggest! We try to be as inclusive as possible by offering a variety of activities.

Part of this group's fun is that everyone is allowed and encouraged to suggest ideas for future events, and as a result, we have a nice variety of events. They may be last minute ideas, or they may be planned for quite some time.

Let's hear from you! Contact the Organizer with your ideas!

This is not a singles club or a dating site. This group exists so that good people can get together and have fun.

Children and Pets are welcome at most of our events. We occasionally go to a casino or bar where children are not allowed.

If you would like to participate in some fun things, with a great group of people, then this group is for you!

Membership Dues: There is a 90 day trial period. After 90 days, members are required to pay a membership fee. A $10.00 per year (12 months) membership fee is required. Meetup charges a fee for each group, so it is asked of the members to help pay for this fee. Membership dues also help pay for other group expenses, such as prizes, supplies, or renting a park or facility. Your dues allow this group be able to continue to be awesome! One membership may be for a single person, a couple, or for an entire family. Once you sign up, you have 90 days to send payment or pay in person at an event. After 90 days, unpaid members are not able to RSVP to events. Couples/Families: when you sign up for the group, only one membership fee is needed. Then when you sign up for an event, you can add a "+1" (adding one more to our rsvp count.

Age Group:
Everyone is welcome to join this group!

Upcoming events (2)

Let's play Pickleball at Noon on Sunday

Pioneer Park (Pickleball Courts)

Let's go play PICKLEBALL! We will be meeting at the Pickleball courts at Pioneer Park. The address is 1195 Commerce Drive, Prescott. The courts are on the south side of Commerce, near the Brownlow Trailhead. Meet at the shade/picnic table. This is a group event, so please wait for the group to play! If you get there first, and challenge in a game with people not in our group, then that "hinders" the next 3 group members that signed up and show up as they have to wait for yet another. Individuals can go play anytime, but this is a group event, so sign up and play with the group. READ: All members are welcome to join this group on the courts, but this is an exercise activity, with a risk of injury, so please decide if this is right for you or not. Your safety is your own responsibility. Please be careful. This is a good way to get started in the sport. If you are a beginner, or if you have been playing a while, you are welcome to join this group on the courts. We do play for fun and not too competitive. There may be members new to pickleball and we will encourage them and show them how to play. Dress for court play, and be sure to bring water. I have some extra paddles and balls. See you there! -Kevin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The fine print: These are public courts and we may or may not even get a court when we arrive. I cannot say what court we will be on, but members of the Pickleball Association can probably point us out. We will play on the beginner/social courts (if available). Meet at the shade/picnic table and we will see. Please bear in mind that we all may need to rotate in and sit out games to accommodate the group. If you didn't sit out last time, then you are the first to sit out this time. Make friends and socialize while waiting to play! If members have been playing with us long enough to be playing at an advanced level, they may wish to consider joining the Prescott Pickleball Association and play with more challenging players, as we are more about the fun of participation and less about the competition.

Bowling! Antelope Lanes in Prescott Valley Sunday 6pm

Who wants to go bowling? It is all about having fun... and not about the scores. You do not have to be a good bowler to come out and have fun. Even if you have never bowled, come out and have a good time with the Prescott Fun Activities group! Or if you are not bowling, still come out to have fun (and cheer us on). If you are new to the group, this will be a great time to RSVP to an event and start meeting the other members. Arrive a little early to pick out a ball and put on your bowling shoes. Don’t forget to wear/bring socks. :) We can meet inside, then depending on how many there are, we'll get 2 or 4 lanes. We need to pay in advance at the counter, and we usually play 2 or 3 games. Games are $3 each (+tax) Meet at the picnic tables inside. Kevin [masked] or[masked]

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Let's clean our Adopt-a-Highway mile, then have Guido's Pizza!

The Villages ~ Hwy 69 milepost 283

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