What we're about

It’s about having the confidence, no matter what your experience or whatever your using it for. Its about public speaking tips to start creating your webinars, live Streams or You tube video’s. Maybe you’ll use it to create on-line courses or become an author or possibly use it to get an edge on your presentations at work.

Potentially, for people who want to influence on a one to one basis or at networking events, its over to you Betsie and Jim you’ve got 60 seconds now speak. It’s about the critical element Where your first, last and lasting impression really do count.

When you are thinking about making a bigger impact on an audience and you want to expand the amount of people you connect with, or if you are wanting to influence your team and get them to take action your message. This is the time to learn the skills to keep moving you beyond where you are now. You see what got you here is great but won’t necessarily get you to the next step, often it’s the next steps that make all the difference to your growth.

If you have questions about public speaking, if there is something that is holding you back from doing it already, then this group could be for you.

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