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Are you social AND good looking? Do you love to travel? Do you have a good-looking partner (husband, boyfriend, partner in life) and girlfriends who love to do cool things together and look good? Then this is the Meetup for you.

You know I love down-to-earth people and social activities. I also can appreciate some well put together folk too. But don't get it twisted, good looking people can also be shallow. THIS IS NOT THE GROUP FOR THEM.

I'm a social butterly. l enjoy experiences. I value good relationships (family, friendships and professional networks). I invest my time in them and I live an active responsible life as well (work hard so I can play hard). I also like to look cute and have cute friends and I take pride in my appearance (because I can be a hot mess in the privacy of home).

Travelling is a must for me. I've travelled locally and internationally and met some uber cool people along the way and upon reflection, say, wow, they were soo cool (and so well put together / beautiful too, inside and out). I'm on the hunt for all you fly girlies who are socialites, who are grown but responsible and love experiences. Fly girlies, who are pretty, professional and smart. Most importly, I'm looking for all you fly girlies who look forward to a good trip, a quick trip, planning a trip, because going to the club let's face it, you've been there, done that and it isn't the first thing on your mind (but you can appreciate a good turn-up now too).

The idea behind Pretty Girl Swag Social Meetup (PGSST) will cater to exactly what it says:

Pretty (not a model, but nice on the eyes)
Girls (and couples) (we tend to do the planning for outtings and trips)
Swag (down-to-earth, NO ATTITUDE problem, pride in appearance)
Social (can conform, engage, be social and present)
Travel (loves to have a trip in the forecast) If you are ALL of these equally, then you are AMAZING girl and we want you to bring your fly here.

In this meetup, you will find a calendar of trips with a variety of itineraries. We will start with all-inclusive resorts and move on from there if successful. All-inclusives are great because its price is pre-fixed sans curating an itinerary. We are busy, we are responsible, we have stuff to talk about, we are super chill and we're cute. Why join? Join if you are all five of this group's name. Join so you don't have to find someone to go somewhere with. Join so you don't need to ask your peeps to do something cool and worry about excuses. The options in this group will have that covered. And hey you never know your peeps might want to join, and well, they can. To run a successful group, we will have a strict RSVP policy.

RSVP POLICY: RSVPs are NOT for purposes of expressing interest. They are implemented to keep an accurate account as to who is going. The organizer needs to know and you'll want to know as well. The only way to know is by RSVP. It is solely a decision and in order to have a successful group we need you to be reliable. As an organizer, I will need to base important decisions like placing deposits and signing contracts based on the head count. If you RSVP where a deposit is required right away and you don't place your deposit (unless you notify me and make reasonable arrangements), you will be removed.

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Magestic Journey to Egypt

JFK International Airport


Its been a while, but I/we are still here. Hope you all have had a wonderful year filled with joy and contentment. Over the past year i've been working on a wonderful travel business and after some very hard work, I am proud to enter a new phase of it, custom group trips. The first one up: Egypt. If you like to travel, I will be hosting a group trip to one of the original 7 Wonders of the World. This is your chance to live in the now and take a step into history by visiting Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and the Red Sea - Egypt and I'd like to extend an invitation to some PGS professionals. If you are interested in an exotic vacation, here is an opportunity to join one. This is a luxury 10-day tour. Click the link for all the details. https://9to5travels.com/majestic-journey-to-egypt/

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Soiree in the Cities

Milk River

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