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Primordial Meditation Retreat (Self Restoration Weekend)
A Primordial Meditation retreat can help to reenergise and refocus your passions. Planning an inward escape for two days or more, this retreat packing list can be of assistance to be a mindful packer. 1. Packing light is crucial, your meditation cushion, pillow or zafu, comfortable neck pillow that may double as your sleeping aid in the plane if your travelling from far. 2. A note pad or a journal. it is pivotal to have a private space at the end of each day or beginning of each day to record your thoughts down on your journal for continuous reflection. 3. Comfortable clothes and shoes, you may prefer sporty clothing including yoga kind of style. 4. Eco- friendly Toiletries, including tissue box: which can afford you a little space to completely detox 5. Food- Energy snacks. dried fruits, nuts, trail mix. 6. Comfortable lightweight shawl and or blanket, sleeping bag for incase there is a need for night vigil silence along the river banks WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME 1. Pre-concieved ideas of what the outcome will be, just allow the experience to guide you. 2. IT gadgets: By leaving this at home will assist you to disconnect from the outside world giving you enormous chance to reconnecting with yourself better. 3. Inhibitors: afford yourself to just be, say good bye fear and anxiety, allow yourself to feel them and do it anyway. 4. Expensive jewellery, clothes and perfumes that smells: Being naked affords you a chance to know who you really are. 5. Complains: Ask yourself how you contributed to any situation you find yourself in Primordial Meditation Retreat Preparation it is always better to prepare your mind through living in the present moment. Work towards quietening your mind often than ever through mindful breathings, practice contentment and resolve to make each moment count towards self restoration. Tell yourself that you have only one life to live and you intend to live it in oneness and peaceful.

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