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I have just moved to Princeton from a one-bedroom, urban apartment. Now I have 2.25 acres and an insane ambition.

I have dozens of varieties of vegetable, flower and herb seeds on the way; about a dozen or so fruit trees (all the usual suspects plus a few trendier ones like medlar and quince); and more berry bushes than I can count. There will be chickens. There will be mushroom logs. There will be bees.

Way more than one girl can do on her own.

My vision is this: we garden together, at my house. We garden together at your house, too. A whole group of us, bonding over shared work. Then we gather around a fire, under the stars, to rest our bones. Then we do it again. We watch our hard work grow. We all share in the bounty. Maybe we even cook and can and ferment together. Think of it as a CSA, only created with the love and sweat of a whole community.

In lieu of that, it would be fun just to get together with other folks who are passionate about gardening, health and knowing where their food comes from.

Although not necessary, you might be someone who cares about the relationship between our species, our gardens, and nature. You might have an interest in organic gardening, permaculture, or homesteading. Or maybe you just like to eat really fresh, really good food!

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Return to Nature Foraging Herbalist Mentorship Training - 2015

Beginning in spring of 2015, I’ll be taking another 10 personal students for a year-long training intensive program. I’ll be systematically teaching each student to work in depth with the diverse plant teachers of the land. Each student will be getting to know the plants inside and out, and work with care and attention to the subtleties of the plant world throughout the learning process; learning the seasonal harvesting times, and growing deeper awareness of what is surrounding us.

This course is designed to lead you into a deep intimate and instinctual knowing with plants and their medicine offerings. From observing and understanding the ecosystem intimately comes building your herbal apothecary and knowledge base of the plants and how to work with them.

This Course Includes:
• 8 – In depth 3 hour classes with lessons including plant identification throughout the seasons, proper harvesting for food and medicinal preparations for building your home apothecary.
• Access to our own Facebook group for digital hand-outs, asking questions, discussing material, and working with the collective insight of the group.
• In-field training of deep and real-life experience connecting with local plants in Nature, and gaining allies with the plant world.
• Working with sit spots, and intuitive perception to take our connection with the Earth to a deeper, and more tangible level.
• Simple and engaging assignments to complete at home and take you deeper into the lessons.
• Lots of medicine making throughout the seasons, and journaling your experience.
• Suggested reading list including field guides to enhance the course.

We will meet once a month at 6 Mile Run, in Somerset, NJ on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 2-5 pm. The course ranges from March to November, with a break in August for tentative summer travel. If the weather is unbearable we will discuss alternate dates through the Facebook group.

Scheduled meeting dates are 3/18, 4/15, 5/20, 6/17, 7/15, 9/16, 10/21 & 11/18

~ Please note ~
Once registered you must commit to the entire class schedule
Missed classes will not be refunded.

Payment Plans – 2 Options:
1. Pay in Full – Tuition for the full course (8 classes) is $600, or $550 if paid in full in advance for a savings of $50.
2. Pay in Increments – A down payment of $150 is required upon registering to reserve your spot in the class. The remaining $450.00 [$600 in total] may be paid in increments of $100 per month for the first 4 months, with a final payment of $50 in the 5th month. [Email me to discuss other Options]

Payment Options: you can mail cash or check, I can collect cash at the classes, or you can send through PayPal to my email address: [masked]

To register for the class or if you have any questions please email [masked] by Thursday, March 5th 2015. Spots are limited to 10 for this course and will be filled quickly. Register now to reserve your spot!
I look forward to working closely with this group and I’m looking forward to watching your discovery with the plant wonders unfold! Please email me with any questions!

Email: [masked]
Website: www.returntonature.us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ReturntoNatureSkills
YouTube: www.youtube.com/ReturntoNatureSkills

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