PTM #73 - Journey of Entrepreneurs from Bogotá w/ Nicolle and Granger

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Please note that due to a scheduling conflict, this meeting had to be moved from today, May 20 to next week, Thursday, May 30. Hope everyone can still make it then!

Topic: Journey of Entrepreneurs from Bogotá

6:30 - Arrival - Snacks, Pizza and Networking.
7:00 - Introduction / Announcements by the organizers.
7:15 - Journey of Entrepreneurs from Bogotá w/ Nicolle and Granger
8:30 - Open-mic to quickly promote your business or broadcast a need that someone in the group might be able to fill.
8:40 - Wrap-Up
8:50 - Exit Venue

Bogotá has become a hub of entrepreneurship. Inspired by the tech explosion abroad local leaders have tried to encourage their local entrepreneurs to start new and innovative businesses. Everyone you talk to in Bogotá has a dream and a side business. Locals are creating apps to get you a manicure, apps to bring you money from the atm, apps to book cleaning services, and more.

Nicolle Jasbon and Granger Abuhoff of Bogotá Dev, a development shop in Bogotá, will explain the entrepreneurship landscape in Bogotá and their experiences dealing with the unique opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs see in Bogotá.