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There are some good habits writers should practice. Like reading the work of other writers, and learning to articulate constructive criticism. You learn a lot about yourself and your own work through critiquing the work of others.

To facilitate this, PWG has a group on, a site dedicated to this kind of sharing. To keep the group active, we have a semi-formal schedule.

At the start of the month, submit your work. Then critique the work of others. Try to get your critiques done by the third week of the month so the writer has time to make changes and resubmit.


• You'll learn a lot.

• A ticking clock will keep you on task.

• You'll earn karma points on Scrib, allowing you to continue posting your work.

• You'll build relationships with other local writers, and maybe even find a beta reader for life!

Joining the group:

Message Shen ( using the link on the left, below her profile picture. This is the most reliable way to get her attention. She will then send you an invitation to join.

Critique Guidelines:

If you've never critiqued before, relax! At its simplest, all you're doing is giving your opinion.

Don't get personal--don't critique the writer, critique the piece.

Don't take it personally. They're talking about the piece, not you.

Try a 'critique sandwich'--offer something positive, something to change, and wrap with something encouraging.

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