First Annual Camp NaNoWriMo & PWG OPEN MIC/READING at Panera Nassau Park!!!

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Every week on Thursday

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We'll meet as usual for our weekly Thursday night write-in...but instead of writing, we will gather in the pavilion behind the Panera, to each read some of our work!

Please chose a favourite piece you'd like to share or maybe part of the project you wrote for Camp NaNoWriMo 2019. Please keep your story/excerpt under or about 2,500 words, so that everyone can have a chance to read.


In the first 15-30 mins, we typically make introductions and talk a bit about what we're working on. Ideas, thoughts, struggles, triumphs, or maybe publishing news or the latest writers drama on Twitter. If you would like to talk more, play a writing game (prompts, incorporate a word/idea, timed writing, word count wars), or something else creative, do mention it!

WRITE-INS ARE WORK TIME. BRING YOUR NOTEBOOK, LAPTOP, index cards or whatever else you need to work effectively. Bring a project-in-progress to work on. Most of the meeting is spent in silent work-mode. (You may be surprised how effective this is. You can get a lot done in the company of other working writers!)

Talking during work time is not verboten. It may be most effective for all if the people who want to talk move to another table so those who want to work quietly can do so. Or, the whole group may join in. Some meetings end up as nothing but talking. We go with the flow.

This is not a critique group, and you do not have to share. Organized critique groups are a lot of work, so we allow people to form their own relationships within the group and swap work privately. So, make some friends! Find out whose reading/writing tastes are similar to yours and say hi! You can also check out the digital critique site

If you have the cash, do please purchase something from the venue, as a thanks for hosting us. Panera, Corner Bakery, and The Grind have great selections of food and drink.

Whatever we do, we're putting time and effort into our writing. We're thinking about it, talking about it, working on it. That's the important part. Two hours a week dedicated to writing.

This meetup is great for:
--Getting work done
--Staying focused
--Chipping away at that big project you keep neglecting
--Guilt-tripping (They expect me to be there! I HAVE to go...)
--Meeting fellow writers
--Encouragement and good vibes

Keep an eye out for our fancy black+gold MeetUp signs we have on the tables! We'll be at the long table* to the RIGHT of the entrance, in FRONT of the fireplace. If not, we'll be somewhere in the front OR in the BACK.

*Hopefully we'll be able to get this long table every week--it's Table #14, SEE PHOTO, which has USB ports and outlets at EVERY seat at the table..... that means NO more waiting to charge your laptops/tablets!