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Create Inner Peace: Quiet Your 2am Critic So You Can Find & Follow Your Passions
• What we'll do in Class 5 of 6 | You've been asking better of yourself and of your life. You just need the focus and courage to take your biggest leaps (and the faith to trust that the net will appear). Learn the tools you need to break through anxiety, pain and overall scattered-ness; the foundation you need to build some great things in life start with your Inner Life. • What to bring Pen, notepad and any resource recommendations on the subject. • Important to know This journey builds on your Inner Life so you can effect change in your Outer Life. Each class is powerful in it's own right, making the entire series all the more transformative. Because you'll reap the most benefit of the entire catalogue I offer incentives for your 6 session investment: ! Free copy of the award winning companion book, "F.A.I.L.* to Win: 4 Simple Principles To Get You Out Of Your Own Way." ($25 value) ! Free Coaching Membership for 1 month. ($47 value)

Back-In-Line Wellness Center

9200 W. Cross Drive Suite 504 · Littleton, co

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Calling all strong women (who secretly fear their inner hot mess is showing): If you're so tired, scattered and exhausted that manicures and bubble baths just aren't cutting it then this group is for you! Join us for a level of self care that goes to the root of your problems and brings solutions so profound you may actually find that energetic, 'together' gal you once were before life and business got so out of hand.
Topics include:
~ Beyond a Budget: Money Management for Wealth Building
~ U First: Create Healthy Boundaries and the Mechanisms You Need To Stick to Them
~ Healthy Goodbyes: Learn to Part Ways Without Making It Worse
~ Moving On: Address the "Now What" Phase When You're Ready to Be Over It
~ Wise Friendships: Create A Healthy Network Personally and Professionally
~ Spiritual Balance: No more dos/don'ts going to the root for Truth

Education meets personal reinvention (with a side of social fun) with Certified Professional Life Coach and Best Selling Author, Triffany Hammond. No sales pitches just great people with an eye on achieving their highest goals healthfully. Is that you?? Come hang out.

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