• Pro Musica Musical Evenings Presents The Regulators’

    Pro Musica Musical Evenings is happy to invite to this special event featuring: The Regulators’ music defies easy categorization. It would would be best described as a free-funk-jazz exploration of non-western rhythmic modes. Whatever genre you want to call it, a few things are certain: it’s groovin’, it’s exciting and it’s unpredictable. This is musical high-wire without a net. Formed in mid-2008 as the global financial system appeared ready implode (it did), The Regulators are Mike Allemana on guitar, Gerald Dowd on drums and Matt Ferguson on bass. The band spun itself off from a pre-existing group–they make up the rhythm section for BrianO’Hern’s Model Citizens Big Band. They had already commenced with their trademark rhythmic explorations during the extended free-inventions which typically mark the close of each Model Citizens set; one moment they are Funkadelic getting in touch with their inner-Bulgarian, ten minutes later a wall of noise-rock and five minutes after that, King Tubby in a klezmer band. Anything can and will happen. This was too good to just go down once a month at the end of a big-band set so the three decided to form the Regulators and start doing their thing all night long. In addition to their fifteen-plus years together as a rhythm section, Matt, Mike and Gerald have been working together in various combinations for an additional ten years, going all the way back to the early '90s. Mike and Matt, for example, were members of Von Freeman's quartet for 15 and 9 years, respectively. The three of them have performed with numerous musicians of note, ranging from jazz icons like the aforementioned Vonski, Steve Coleman, Eric Alexander, Jimmy Cobb and Jim Rotundi, to soul heavyweights such as Mavis Staples and Bernard Purdue, to Americana artists including Robbie Fulks and Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion. I sure it will be a wonderful event in our space.......... Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicago Doors Open at 7pm concert starts at 8pm Parking is available as always for our events,

  • Musical Evenings Presents Tate, Malaby, Miller, Rumback Quartet

    Pro Musica Musical Evenings is delighted to present a Dynamic Quartet of World Class musicians; John Tate has worked for years in New York and Chicago as the bassist for Artists such as Matt Wilson, Caroline Davis, Marquis Hill, and the Elder Statesmen of Chicago Jazz, George Freeman and Von Freeman. This will be a special concert premiering John Tate new band with Tony Malaby, Dave Miller & Charles Rumback. New York saxophonist Tony Malaby worked closely with Charlie Haden as a longtime member of the Liberation Music Orchestra. He also worked with Paul Motian in different groups over the years including Paul Motian's Electric Bebop Band. Malaby continues to work with artists who are the leaders of this music; Kris Davis, Fred Hersch, Ben Monder, William Parker and Nasheet Waits to name a few. Dave Miller has lived and worked in both New York and Chicago as a regular in the jazz and improvised music community. He has worked with Mikel Avery, Joe Policastro, Ted Sirota and Greg Ward. Charles Rumback has been living in Chicago since 2001. He’s a founding member of the collaborative trio Stirrup (with Fred Lonberg-Holm & Nick Macri). As well as his ongoing project Colorlist (with Charles Gorczynski & John Hughes). Charles continues to work beyond genre boundaries, working in collaboration with Artists such as Jim Baker, Sima Cunningham, Ron Miles, Nina Nastasia, Jeff Parker and Ryley Walker. Charles’ most recent album as a leader, Cadillac Turns featuring New Orleans bassist James Singleton, was recently voted on the best Chicago albums of the decade by the Chicago Reader. This will certainly be an special event not to miss..... Ken Christianson Pro Musica, Chicago Doors Open at 7pm Concert at 8pm