What we're about

Malwares, Viruses, Stealth attacks, Cyber warfare, Hacked sites... These are things that have become everyday occurrences.

In our super connected world, Information has become extremely crucial and vulnerable while information security has become more of an arms race. It is an arms race that puts a question mark on the 'reactive' approach to security that is so prevalent today.

At Uniken, we are a group of passionate and experienced information security professionals who believe in being ready to thwart the new age attacks rather than being reactive. We believe in questioning the norms and have come up with a path breaking private digital network technology which has over 2 million users on it.

We are looking forward to meeting up with more like minded professionals to collaborate, brain storm and come up with better ways of building up digital security defenses.

Come join us and start enjoying the journey as a Cyber Guardian.

Bon Voyage.

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