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In this group we meet up every few weeks to brainstorm problems that are happening around South Africa. We do this to exercise our brains, but sometimes the right idea gets heard by the right person and the world changes.

The format is a as follows:
Meetups generally happen every second Wednesday evening.
Attendees will be randomly divided up into groups of 5 people.
Each group will be given a local or global problem to try and solve.
Groups will be given 10 minutes to meet and greet, and elect a president to speak on their behalf.
Groups will be given 50 minutes to brain storm and analyse the problem.
During this time, you're allowed to use calculators, Google, Phone a friend and what ever else that will help you come to a solution.
Each president will stand up and talk for up to 10 minutes explaining their problem and how they intend to solve it.
At the end of the session we will have a vote and each group will vote on who they thought had the most creative / innovative problem solving ideas.
That group will be featured on the Meetup group and may choose to do a write up of their problem and how they planned to solve it.
Afterwards we will have a networking / drinks and wind down where we share a drink.

The point of this group is to meet like minded critical thinkers, exercise our brains and sometimes maybe even put into action a plan to make things better in the community.

Here are some examples of problems that would come up in the groups:

The Water Crises - How can water be more fairly distributed / how can we get more water to underpriveledged communities / water sharing schemes / better governing of water restrictions, etc.

The Cost of Data - How can we put more pressure on cellular providers to decrease the price of data. How can we create alternative ways to more freely distribute access to the internet. Create data sharing plans. South African Post Office - What can we do to improve the state of post in South Africa.

Car Pools - What can we do to reduce the rate of carbon emissions from cars?

Taxis - What can we do to make our roads safer?

Racism - How can create a more loving rainbow nation?

Education - How can we make education more accessible to all people?

Floods - What can we do preemptively to help when natural disasters strike.

Shelter - How can we create safe shelter for our fellow human beings.

There will be many more topics and relenvet topics and things arise.

So join up. Get your thinking caps on, and get ready for a night of fun brainstorming.
Remember the point of the group is to have fun hypothesising a potential topic. Lets meetup, have fun and meet some new people!

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