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Problems of Humanity Exploration Group: Building a Thoughtform of Solution
To contribute effectively to an exploration of humanity's need for transition into a new civilisation and a new consciousness, men and women of goodwill require a deepened understanding of the basic problems underlying the present world crisis. The problem of establishing right human relationships between peoples and nations is of urgent concern in a world of crisis. The hope of the future is in the hands of men and women of good will. This exploration group is intended to help men and women of goodwill gain a deeper understanding of world problems. It is also designed to develop the attitude of mind and practical techniques necessary for the creation of an enlightened public opinion and the establishing of right human relations. We will place emphasis upon underlying causes and emerging trends rather than on factual survey of events. The use of the trained mind in reflective meditation is encouraged. Through study, discussion, and meditation we can generate a "thoughtform of solution" thereby changing the climate of world thought to permit the solution of world problems. This includes the undertaking of local forms of service activity.

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What we're about (

All around the world, a new culture is beginning to emerge.

It's a culture of people like you -- people who are bringing more beauty into the world, more love to our human family, and more wholeness to lives. People who understand that we are all still evolving, and that growth and self-discovery is a life-long journey.

It's a culture of people who are creating an entirely new vision of who we are and where we are going—a positive, inspiring, radically hopeful vision of the future.

We are coming together to explore solutions for basic world problems such as:

• the psychological rehabilitation of nations

• needs of the children of the world

• capital, labor and the widening distance between the haves and have nots

• minorities

• churches

• environment

• and international unity

People of goodwill need to continue presenting humanity with opportunities for progress from local to the cosmic. Our intention is to encourage study, discussion and meditation on solutions looking towards concrete community service.

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